‘Wins and Losses’ after a YEAR as an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

The nitty gritty truth is this – I could never be a “Hey Hun, wanna be part of this business opportunity” kind of gal. So right out of the gate this was a losing game for me.

I signed up at Arbonne as a consultant last year. My up-line convinced me straight out the gate to attend online GTC (Global Training Conference). The conference was the perfect introduction to Arbonne. My upline – she is a gem. I love her.

It was the PERFECT time to start out my Arbonne adventure because all the sudden I had time on my hands. Basically, life was going great – I finally quit my second job. I paid off a bunch of debt and now I had lots of free time. I had thought I would run this experiment about making money online. I was calling it the MLM experiment where I would just try and be a #bossbabe and really dive into an experiment I could document. I wanted to see if I could actually be a Arbonne babe. I saw everyone doing it and was certain that I could be that person too (well kinda certain).

I actually remember being in Huatulco for work when I decided it would be fun to join a MLM. I was so excited I filmed a YouTube video and posted it online. A lot of other flight attendants do this kind of work and make some serious money doing it.

So why couldn’t I follow that dream, make some extra cash and start looking like an Arbonne babe?

The flexibility of direct sales/network marketing is exactly what you need as a flight attendant. You can work when you want to work (even from your hotel room when you are all lonely) – you meet tons of people and to top it all off you do something good for your body or good for your skin and in general – easy to sell, right?! This definitely seemed like a win.

I think my biggest downfall was that while I LOVE Arbonne products. I hate trying to convince people to buy something ( an obvious loss). I am HORRIBLE at direct sales. And, I always felt awkward when I saw the look on peoples faces when I even mention that I used an Arbonne product (another thing in the loss category).

It is so interesting that because of the negative social media around Multi Level Marketing – people say no before they even attempt to try a product. You are demonized before you even start (another loss).

Truthfully though – there is an increasingly high statistic for people looking for direct sales jobs with flexible hours, that can be worked from home – so thanks global pandemic.

I truly think that the products are superior but being open minded enough to use them …. that remains to far fetched to be seen for the average anti- MLMer.

Anyway – I am not even going to pretend like that conference wasn’t the most motivational thing I have ever bought a ticket to. The energy was wild. The community is amazing. It made me feel like this kind of work was possible. Seeing the parade of women who made it to National Vice President or Regional Vice Present level, all the woman getting their keys to their Mercedes – Like ya, bitch, I want that. The truth is though less than 1% of people actively involved in a MLM make that kind of success.

I got sucked in because of the energy from the community. I bought the “I WANT IT ALL” package at the GTC – getting all the new and hot products, right out the gate. It was so damn exciting. But I knew I would never be able to be proactive MLMer.

I actually (not so) secretly LOVE Arbonne products.

I have purchased “30 day to Healthy Living” more than once. It is literally fantastic. It got my body feeling great and my digestion feeling on point. Probiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes; love it. The protein powder is some of my favourite that I have ever tried.

I use the lotions, shower gels and makeup pallet. All of them pretty top notch products.

Face line – beautiful. Worth all the money.

Fizz sticks. Yup. Ever. Damn. Day.

I would recommend any of these products to anyone that asks. But I still never posted about it online. I always felt like it was a major attack on my friends and family. I never wanted to bother people and really felt like if anyone wanted the product they would know that I would be there for them.

I have never even sold one product. I had one person ask me to buy them something under my IC account and I turned them down. So overall – financially this project was a failure.

Wins and losses – definitely a win to be introduced to some amazing products. Definitely a win to meet a positive community. A win to be introduced to positivity but the losses out way that – I have never made a cent with Arbonne. I have spent a lot of money using products. I spent money on A LOT of products. The biggest loss is being a part of something that the internet you feel like is toxic. I truthfully believe people are into MLMs because of the positive mindset and community.

I am not sure if I will sign on for another year. I might for the discount. But only time will tell.

Are you a Arbonne Independent Consultant? successful? Tell me about it.

Also, my not so humble plea that if you want to try any Arbonne products – use my link

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