How I Learned to Trust the Universe

This is a picture of me and a collage of everything that is on my universal mind right now. Drop me a follow if you are reading this caption. K, thanks.

A couple of weeks ago I applied for what I thought was my dream job. I honestly felt like everything I had done in my life in terms of work so far was catered … custom built for this position.

I couldn’t fathom them not hiring me.

Today I got the ‘sorry we will not be moving forward with your application’ letter.

It stung. I thought I would at least be in the running; maybe an interview. (feel the slight break in my heart that emerged for a split second there)

But instead of feeling down about it or emailing them demanding to know why they chose another candidate.

I am comfortable in trusting my instincts and gut and knowing the universe has something else, something better in store for me.

It took me a long time to get it — the whole universe has my back thing. It has taken me an extra long time in life to realize that there is no point in stressing because there is a universal plan for me and that is just what is going to unfold.

(I will just say here my universe might be your spirit or your god or your allah — just go with the thought process)

I keeping trying to aligning myself with the things that I want and eventually the things that are supposed to emerge will emerge. (so NOT sitting around doing nothing and gaining no skills. I am trying to better myself for the things I want.)

How did I get here?

Therapy, medication, anxiety managing tools and multiple job losses making me hone in on what I really want and step away from the stuff I don’t.


When I write it in a pretty sentence it makes it seem so easy to achievable. But in a MASSIVE healing journey that I have been on the last few years this is infact one of the many positive things that have emerged.

But it took work.

It took trusting myself.

It took managing my expectations of things outside my control.

It took realizing that not everything was meant for me BUT there are things that are.

It took me accepting my current situation and figuring out what path to take.

See it is important YOU stay routed in your own realities. It is important to figure out the things that YOU want. It is important to have a vision board or a goals list or a bucket list AND then actively try to achieve the goals on the list.

It is important to not just do what everyone else wants you to do but to have passions and interests and things that make YOUR HEART SING.

When I really think about this job I applied for a few things emerge.

Taking that job would mean giving up on my vision board dream.

Taking that job would mean me being distracted for trying to create my freelance career in a time when I could really make a go of it.

Taking that job would mean giving up on other things that I am not ready to give up on.

So while for a split second I had a little ache in my heart of disappointment the universe was right, I shouldn’t be aligned with that job.

I should continue knowing and trusting that the right path is emerging.

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