3 Habits To Change To Shift From Content Consumer To Content Creator.

There is a massive section on my vision board all about creativity, work, and the direction I want to take my career path. 

I also created a list of my ideal job and the quailites that I want to create in that job. (I mean if you are going to manifest you need to know what you want, right?)

I have noticed that one of the BIGGEST parts of my dream job section is all about me using my creative skills. 

On my vision board there is a HUGE section on writing — a lot of focus on writing a book and writing a cookbook and being a blogger, vlogger anything ogger. There is many mentions of content creation and doing something social media like.

Again — using video editing skills and filming and photography and all that stuff. 

I clearly have a vision for where I want to create for myself for a job.

Right now though, I am a content consumer. I watch hours of content everyday. I am watching on Tiktok and on Youtube and on Instagram. I scroll through the twitter. I read on Medium.

I think that this consumption of media makes this type of work look easy.

I also think it is making me feel bad about myself. (Seriously,  light bulb moment while I am writing this.)

To mitigate this I have implemented these 3 strategies to help me move to the sphere of creation instead of consumption:

  • Create first. You need to focus on writing or filming or take photos first. You need to work on the draft, work on the edits or publish the post OR brainstorm ideas and collect your thoughts before wasting hours consuming other peoples thoughts. I keep a tab in my ‘notes’ app just to keep running ideas of things I could be creative around. Focusing on creating first and consuming second is a HUGE shift in how I have been spending my time. But, my work first. 
  • When I consume other peoples content. I like, comment and often subscribe. I want to put out into the universe that I am invested in the creative community. Be it Youtube or Tiktok or Medium or even on my blog — if I read it I have a reaction to it. Shifting to a creator means shifting to being a member of the creation community and that means participation. To build a community you must be a part of the community.
  • Limit my social media consumption time. I know it sounds strange but the truth is — my best ideas are often come from a source off the internet. I need to remember to read the 100s of books I have purchased. And to socialize with the outside world. Be out in my community and taking everything in. Creativity can be sparked by anything but I find the better ideas are not taken from someones’ work. 

That is it — that is how. Shifting to creation instead of consumption is a different way to approach social media use. 

The truth is action must be taken. You don’t grow a following by not posting. You don’t make connections by not writing. 

What strategies have you implemented to make the shift from consumption to creation? 

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