Meatless Monday

I remember that summer clearly. I was away at summer camp. I was an awkward, shy but curious kid that just wanted to fit in. There was this girl there in green dr Martens that had proclaimed that over the last year she had become a vegetarian.

I had no idea what that was but I wanted to be a vegetarian too.

She was pretty cool. I truly don’t remember what she told me about being a vegetarian but I remember that was the last time I ate red meat.

I was 11 or 12.

I cut out cheese and milk shortly after that  – my parents didn’t care much, to be honest it was probably easier on their grocery bill. This was the time before the internet and easy access to information. It was a time before I really knew what was up with my life. It was a time that I think it felt like I had control over something in my life. So vegetarian I was.

Some time in my early 20ies after a really nasty crispy chicken incident at McDonalds I cut out all white meats as well.

In my mid twenties I was invited to a party and everyone there was vegan (many of them freegans/dumpster divers). I had never heard that term. I had no idea what it meant but it seemed like eventually it would be the obvious next step.

A few year later I tried out veganism for the first time and since then have walked the delicate arch of vegan/vegetarian and sanity.

The struggle with my weight, my diet and my autonomy of choice is still very real.