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It is 2020. We all want to make money online. So I am starting with the most basic of places, the things that start people on the path to a kinda entrepreneurial place … Multi Level Marketing …. I am honestly just curious:

  • Does this shit actually work?   
  • In the day and age of all-natural hippie dippie products – do you think the product from MLMs can actually be useful for people? 
  • Do you have opinions on MLMs?   What are they?
  • Do you think it is inherently affecting female friendships?
  • Have you fallen pray to thinking you were catching up with a friend and it turned into an MLM pitch? 
  • Have you laughed on the inside because someone thinks they have their own business?
  • Have you listened to a pitch that you didn’t want to but just said nothing to avoid conflict?

Come along for the ride while I try and find the answers to these questions and see if I can make money for my phone or computer or whatever they say.


Episode One: Should I join a MLM (multi Level marketing) company?

Episode Two:  MLM Pitch Week & Guidelines

Episode Three: Are the MLM Huns really just looking for a Community?

Episode Four: Is your MLM your own business? 

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