Some time long ago I read a quote in Jane magazine, it simply said:

“Fuck it, Fuck ‘em, Fuck it up”

So here I am, doing that very thing.

I am currently a Flight Attendant who is determined to learn how to make money online. I am on a mad mission to finally pay off all my debt so I can carry on with other goals in life. When I started flying about 2.5 years ago I had a whopping 70K of debt including my car, credit cards, and student loans now it is about 30k.

I am a ball of positive vibes, I reject this mediocre status quo bullshit and am ALWAYS a believer there is something better. I refuse to settle.

Stick around if you are interested in learning from my financial and personal growth journey and you want the tips and tricks I am learning along the way. I am currently learning how to make money online as a side hustle  – I am trying things out so you don’t have to. So hit subscribe if you want to know about  how I do that  – there will be discussions on entrepreneurial adventures and influential authors and learning to be financial stable.

I have a knack for speaking the truth, tuggin’ at the heart strings of reality and just over all being blunt as fuck. If that is your thing stick around, I will probably make you feel hopeful for a better fucking future. #makeithappen